K. Bozeman

"Hi A.I. and Kelly, just writing to let you know how much you have helped our family. Our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. After changes in her diet and your treatment, she is about 80% better. Thanks so much for all your caring and thoughtful help!"

S.R., Montana

"Dr. Lieber words can't express how grateful I am to you. It took a few months, but the disabling pain is now almost gone. I will see you soon. You guys rock."

J.T., Bozeman, MT

"Hey Dr. L just wanted to let you know how great you are. I don't think anything can replace all your experience and expertise. I am the grateful recipient. Going kiteboarding this weekend, thanks to you."

G.H. Bozeman, MT

"Dr. Lieber is truly an amazing and gifted practitioner. He has experience and competence in his field. I had tried other modalities, and still had lower back pain. After two visits, the pain was about 50% better. He and his wife are both a real asset in our community. A.I. is a true healer. Thank you."

L. R. Montana

"A.I. and his wife are true healers in every sense of the word. I had suffered from severe issues that were not helped by physical therapy, chiropractors, or any other kind of therapy. As soon as I walked into their office, and we began to talk about what was going on, I knew that I would be helped by A.I.'s expertise. They are both warm and intuitive people with a true healing gift. Bozeman is so full of great healthcare and these two are among the best here. Thanks so much for getting my health and life back."

P.S. Bozeman, MT

"Although I had been treated by a few different acupuncturists before moving to Bozeman, I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel to have fallen into the hands of A.I. and Kelly Lieber. Besides the office being a place of tranquillity, I truly feel that A.I. and Kelly care about what is going on physically as well as emotionally with my body. They are great listeners as well as healers. I don't just get the "standard" treatment, but it varies as to what my body is going through that visit. That tells me they listen as well as care. I feel a hundred times better since going to their practice.

Thank you, A.I. and Kelly!" R.L., Bozeman MT

"Hi guys, just wanted to write and let you know because of you I am entering the Ironman this year. Thanks and keep an eye out for me!" P.L.

"Hi Dr. Lieber and Kelly, thank you so much for your care for my issues. I did not want to take a bunch of supplements or medications for this issue. I have been tested and levels are back to normal. Thanks so much for your help, and healing energy." T.R. Bozeman

"Thanks A.I. I went to another, less experienced acupuncturist in town and she was not able to help me. Within four treatments, I am about eighty percent there on my healing goals around knee issues, which I hope to have cleared by ski season." L.R. Belgrade

"I am writing with a simple but deep thank you. I came to you guys after I tried many other people in Bozeman and was surprised and pleased by not only the truly professional yet caring attitude of you both, but most of all the results. I have never had such a deep feeling of calm along with the physical results.

I can now do many things I just did not believe I would be able to before I came to you. I can't say enough how much you helped me. Thanks for being there and caring for me so well". C.T. Bozeman

"Dr. Lieber and Kelly are a team that you just can't get anywhere else. Dr. Lieber helped me with anxiety and pain issues I had for a couple of years. WIthin ten sessions, the pain is gone. I am going in now for maintenance to help with my anxiety. I am gradually tapering off my medication with my doctor's full support. A.I. always says it's my body that is doing all the work but I give him credit too. I have to say that for anyone who is nervous about needles, they really don't hurt a bit. They are very small, alot smaller than I would have thought. And Kelly's gentle and strong hands and healing touch make it pretty nice too. After I get a treatment, I feel real peaceful and sleep like a baby I noticed."

L.H. Helena

"I feel that A.I. saved me from a surgery on my knee. I am glad I went to him, because my knee was completely better after four visits. That and Kelly's amazing touch when I am in treatment have me coming back every few months even though my knee is better. Dr. AI Lieber is the finest acupuncturist I have seen so far." E.P. , Bozeman

"First of all I came to the practice as someone who wasn't sure about acupuncture at all. But after reading the website, and talking to Kelly and Dr. Lieber, I thought I would give it a try. I had the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel. My doctor told me that I needed surgery or I would have nerve damage on the wrist. I didn't want surgery so I thought I would try acupuncture first. Dr. Lieber came highly recommended. I went and in ten times I had huge relief from the carpal tunnel. I am working on the RA. I would much rather try this approach than take the very scary medication my doctor suggested. With a dietary adjustment and consistent treatment which is the key. I would stay with it for at least ten times for big challenges like RA or carpal tunnel although CT got better quicker. Anyway, go see Dr. Lieber, go to a real healer and you won't regret it!" M.A. Belgrade

" I had tried becoming pregnant for over a year. I tried other acupuncturists in town and did not have success. I had stopped doing anything for a year and then came to A.I. I was considering IVF by this point. WIthin four months, my periods became regular and healthy. WIthin six months I conceived my miracle baby. I continued seeing A.I. through the pregnancy. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I can NOT say enough about A.I. and Kelly. Many a time they were there for me with understanding when no one else was. They are both true healers." E. B. Bozeman

" I had the worst back and leg pain. I was on the edge of surgery when a friend recommended A.I. I still don't understand how it worked, but within three weeks my pain was gone. Please go see him, if it weren't for him I'd have had to have a surgery or two." R.S. Emigrant

"I had quite a bit of experience with acupuncture and have used it consistently over the years to help with pain issues, menstrual and endometriosis problems as well as turning my breech son. I come from Oregon and thought here in Bozeman it might be harder to find a good acupuncturist. I had tried several in town (I won't name them) and was disappointed. My doctor mentioned A.I., and so I thought I would try him and see. I came into the office with severe fatigue, allergies and other problems that I had been tested for with no conclusive results. I had a bum left knee. I also had high blood pressure.

Since coming in to see him, my energy has improved about 80%. My allergies are pretty much gone. My BP was the best result if you ask me, it's gone down about 15 points and I think it will get even better. I am training for a triathlon in Oregon this summer which I don't think I would have ever been able to do. And best of all for me, I am skiing again for the first time in years. It sounds miraculous in a way, but I owe it all to him. He is truly a blessing in this community for his caring spirit and great work. Thank you so much Dr. Lieber!" L.M. Bozeman

"I have been asking A.I. to let me write about how great he is for some time. I'm glad he finally let me. Let's see I came in a complete skeptic to acupuncture. I thought it was a bunch of hooey. But I was desperate. I'd had severe back pain and also neuralgia. The docs said there really wasn't much they could do. A friend told me how great A.I. was. At first I didn't listen but finally I did.

His wife, Kelly was who I talked to first. She spent a half hour on the phone with me, just reassuring me as I will admit I was nervous about the needles and she was listening to my questions. Then I went into the office, where I was met by her lovely and smiling face. She showed me the needles I had been so worried about. I have done some scary things in my life, but I was still scared of those needles until I saw them! They were just tiny. Again she spent a lot of time with me. Then A.I. came in. He was very interested in me and listened to all my concerns. Once the treatment started I was surprised. It didn't hurt a bit. In fact, I felt not only the pain go away but a sense of peacefulness.

Over the next three months, we worked on my issues. I got better! He suggested I keep coming in from time to time and I am going to. I just enjoy getting stuck with needles. Ha ha. Who would have thought?" P. T. Bozeman, MT

"I was suffering for so long and with no help, I had only one resort to go to alternative medicine. I had hit a dead end with the doctors. I'd had many surgeries and still no relief. Within a few sessions with A.I. I felt my energy coming back. I'm now back to working on my ranch and riding. Things I had thought I might not ever do again. About all my pain is gone. Thanks to A.I. I have my health and life back the way I want them. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. You should stick with it, when you least expect it you will get better and it's almost like magic. I don't believe in magic. But I believe in A.I." T.R., Livingston

"I'd suffered from allergies and asthma for many years. I finally was fed up with all the medications and the drugs I was taking. My quality of life was getting worse and I felt like they stopped working, I needed more and more. Well let me tell you, within two months, of treatment I felt much better. And when the spring and summer came, I had none or very little allergies. Then the fall came and still no allergies.

It's funny in some ways I can't remember the time when I had allergies and had to take medication all the time. Life is sure alot better now! I sure wish I had tried acupuncture a long time ago. I would recommend A.I. over any doctor I have been to. He really listens. He really cares, and best of all what he does works great!" A. S. Bozeman

"I had many issues going through menopause and worsening health. I was on too many medications and wanted to get off them as safely as possible. I was concerned about high blood pressure as well. Working with A.I., I was able to come through the past few years of menopause with no medication. My blood pressure is normal to low range! I am also going to run my first marathon this year. I attribute this to knowledge as well as his caring, healing touch and wisdom." L.C., Bozeman

"I had tried a few other acupuncturists in town and was impressed by A.I. He has a great deal of skill and his office staff was warm and took time to listen to my problems and concerns. I no longer have the back pain I had for the past thirteen years. I am very grateful and am going to keep seeing him on a monthly basis to maintain and enjoy the health I now enjoy thanks to his help!"M. K., Livingston

"...Within a couple visits I noticed my energy level was improving and the original symptoms I had were disappearing. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Not only does he provide a very relaxing, professional atmosphere, but the level of expertise is amazing. I look forward to continuing my treatments with him, even if only for maintaining my health. I would recommend this method of treatment with A.I. to anyone who needs a new outlook on healing." K.P.M., Bozeman, MT

"...I brought my five year old son to A.I. for help with ear infections and food allergies. I noticed that within a few visits, my son was doing much better. He doesn't use needles on kids so that was a relief for my son.

This past flu and cold season, he had only one mild cold. No more ear infections. I am so happy. I am going to keep seeing A.I. to continue this preventative care." A.S., Bozeman, MT