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Acupuncture is used to balance the body. Here are other additional modalities we use in our clinic


Mugwort, an herb known as moxa is burned to increase circulation and healing to the area for your best healing outcome. Japanese style acupuncture pioneered this method. Although it is commonly used by other practitioners, it is best utilized by a well trained practitioner. Moxa has been proven to increase both white and red blood cell count to an area, encouraging circulation and healing. It may be burned directly on the point, or "stick on" or "needle" moxa may be used. Most enjoy the warming feeling of moxa.

Cupping Therapy

Cups are placed on the skin and cause stimulation to a point. This is a painless modality, effective for overall health.


Part of the Japanese acupuncture system, basically a non insertive needle. Great for kids or those frightened of needles.

Laser Therapy

A.I. and Kelly are both trained in cold laser therapy. A laser pulse is placed on specific prescribed points to enhance healing to that area. The laser emits a very low pulse and cannot harm the patient.

Ear Seeds

Small "seeds" are placed on ear points, helps with smoking and addiction as well as weight loss issues.


Occasionally, especially with acute injury to a certain area, Hinaishin will be applied. These are tiny taped down needles with a circular end so they will not penetrate through the outer layer of the skin. These are specific to Japanese style acupuncture. The tapes may be left in as long as needed by the patient, stimulating the area after treatment.

Body work

The bodywork in our treatment is a unique system to the Kototama Institute curriculum. It is called Te a Te handwork; handwork for body, mind, spirit. It was passed down to Nakazono Sensei from Sakai Sensei, who was in a long lineage of Buddhist monks, and Shinto Practitioner.

Both Kelly, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and A.I. practice this modality on patients when appropriate and/or needed. If you wish to receive extra time for handwork, it can be added on as an extended session. Or if you would like to have an appointment with Kelly for a stand alone handwork/energy session, please talk to her or call to make an appointment.

The patient is relaxed and healed by the light, gentle and specific handwork on points which stimulate circulation. This is not the same as western style "massage" because it does not target muscular groups but instead, the connected energetic meridians, organs and systems. When used in conjunction with acupuncture it prolongs the effects and strengthens the treatment. It feels good but also, is deeply healing for the body. Good medicine!


If the patient wishes to learn a simple meditation practice to carry on at home, please enquire. Kelly can teach basic meditation precepts of breath, posture and mindfulness. Meditation has many great benefits for the regular practitioner, including lowering of blood pressure, a peaceful feeling-a more calm place to deal with daily stress. Kelly has practiced zazen, a form of Japanese meditation for the past twenty plus years, and has attended many intense retreats. The form of meditation she teaches is non denominational, non religious. Let us know if you are interested and we will schedule a learning session! (45.00 per half hour)

Stand alone Massage

Kelly offers one and half hour sessions, with a base of acupressure and other modalities including swedish and shiatsu. She can also add aromatherapy with the massage!

Call us to make an appointment: 406-586-3133