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About us:  A.I. Lieber, L.Ac., C.A., Dipl. NccAOM Ac., Lic. 192 (MT)

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"II love working with you to feel better.  It can be so challenging to help and so fulfilling to see people's lives change after consistent treatment.  The medicine I learned from Dr. K and M Nakazono is the most dynamic and powerful system I've seen for truly excellent results.  Sensei Nakazono used to make all of his students study the art of aikido; he said that it gave us a deeper insight and ability.  When patients come in consistently and stick with the process of healing it is truly a great thing to see."Lieber (formerly Yahe Solomon) is a fully licensed, accredited practitioner in the state of Montana.  His first teacher was Nakazono Sensei.    and  A.I. practiced aikido with Dr. M. Nakazono and his son, Dr. K. Nakazono. He also studied medicine with Drs. Nakazono and graduated from the Kototama Institute in 1984, receiving his DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) that year.

Hands on experience is very important with acupuncture and A.I. has over twenty five years of practice now.  Along with the technical aspects and precision of point location, acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is about touch, intuition and knowledge through practice.  His patients often remark on his deeply empathetic manner and compassionate attitude. 

A.I. likes to treat all ages and conditions but has a special affinity for women's issues such as pregnancy, infertility, peri menopause and menopause and issues related such as hot flushes, insomnia, irregular cycles, low energy, pain issues, and athletic injury and en  He practiced aikido for many years, starting classes with Nakazono Sensei at the age of six.  He trained with TK Chiba Shihan and with the son of the founder of Aikido in Japan.  He attained his sixth degree black belt after years of rigorous teaching and training.  With a family full of high level athletes and dancers, he is well acquainted with the physical challenges that go along with such endeavors as well as the "weekend warrior".

 He likes to spend time with his two wonderful children, family,  and friends, enjoy the outdoors, and feels very grateful to be part of our wonderful community in a unique setting.  A.I. runs, hikes, skis, and teaches aikido and meditation techniques to many groups including local firefighters.  He participates in many volunteer and outreach programs such as a program for aspiring medical students from rural areas (MEDSTART), Eagle Mount, and many other of the great non profits and community programs here in Bozeman.  For the past three years, A.I. has treated veterans for free all day long at the annual Veteran Stand down.
NOTE:   In Montana, the designation given to acupuncturists is C.A. (Certified Acupuncturist) and in Connecticut, for example, it was L.Ac., (Licensed Acupuncturist).

About Kelly Burns Lieber
Kelly Burns Lieber, Licensed Massage Therapist Lic #2080
I feel blessed every day to come in and be entrusted to hold a healing space for you!  I feel grateful for all the life experiences I've been through because I can really understand what people go through; how awful it is to be in pain, how wonderful it is to feel better and how brave you must be to make those changes and heal"

Kelly Burns Lieber has been studying in depth use of various massage techniques as well as moxibustion to aid the healing process.  Her work is mostly energy work with shiatsu style handwork.  From an early age, she was taught that human beings are more than machines; that we are dynamic beings who can shift and change-and heal.  

Prior moving to Bozeman in 2004, Kelly taught aikido classes at Connecticut Aikikai along with running a business and raising three children.  Some of her work history has been for non profits associated with University of California at San Diego and Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. 

She studied body work at the National Holistic Institute in Berkeley, California.   While living in San Diego, California, Kelly studied with TK Chiba, a Master Teacher in the art of aikido.  She practiced as a "Kenshushei" which entailed 15 plus hours a week of training aikido, iaido and zazen (meditation).  She offers healing sessions using handwork and incorporating her years of study of martial arts and handwork.  Her background in the martial arts and training give her a depth of insight which is unique. (for those interested, please call the office number 586-3133).

Kelly is a part time photographer, specializing in Montana's spectacular landscape photography and photography design installation.  She facilitates and practices meditation, and is a proud mama to three.  Passions are nature, photography, trail runs, dear friends and family--and a good laugh. 

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