History & Results

The Boston Massacre Diplomacy tournament was founded by Melissa Call in 2003, and run by her for the next six years until she moved back to her homeland Down Under. It was then taken over for several years by Alex Amann, before he too moved away. To keep the Massacre name alive, Christian Pedone started the Philadelphia Massacre Diplomacy tournament in that city, while Diplomacy in Boston struggled to find an organizer.

In 2014, Alan Levin, primarily an online player on WebDiplomacy.net, stepped forward and started The Boroughs Diplomacy tournament in Westborough. This ran for several years and was instrumental in rebuilding the Boston hobby. In 2016, The Boroughs moved back to Boston (well, Cambridge), and Philadelphia graciously returned to Boston the "Massacre" name (Philadelphia now runs as the Liberty Cup Diplomacy tournament).

After the 2018 tournament, Alan started a family (hooray!!) and stepped down as TD of Boston Massacre, handing the reins over to Randall Lawrence-Hurt.

In 2021, Randy moved out of state and entrusted Boston Massacre to Alex Maslow, who also runs the Diplomacy event at TotalCon.

As the latest TD for this venerable tournament, Alex looks forward to making the Massacre bigger and better every year with a focus on growing the local hobby while encouraging travelers to come see what Boston has to offer!

Hall of Fame

The prior winners of the Boston Massacre (and Boroughs) Diplomacy tournament are:

2022: Your Name Here!

2021: Jane Farren

2020: Tanya Gill

2019: David Maletsky

2018: Andrew Katcher

2017: Nicholas Delateur

2016: Andrew Goff

2015: Nicholas Delateur

2014: Randall Lawrence-Hurt

2012: Robert Premus

2011: Phil Weissert

2010: Steve Cooley

2009: Randall Lawrence-Hurt

2008: Chris Martin

2007: Peter McNamara

2005: Andy Marshall

2004: Edi Birsan

2003: Lisa Foster

Prior Results

2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016

All results prior to 2016 can be found in the World Diplomacy Database