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Rubens (I) 1887

    Seen here on the Avon at Hotwells, Bristol maybe 1904 to 1909 - see link

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                                                                   On trials - Rubens pennant on the foremast, stay-sails rigged, cast of thousands on the bridge.
                                                                   And what a bridge - who said 'Ships of iron and men of wood'?!

Rubens 1887

Bolton’s first steel ship

1860 tons
83.8 LPP x 11.7m

1x Triple expansion engine

Joseph L. Thompson, Sunderland
Hull No 208

Official Number

A cargo ship with the now-general triple-expansion engine.
No sooner accepted and returned to her moorings from her trials, she was rammed amidships by a collier, and sank at her moorings, but soon raised and repaired.

1909 sold to 'Compañía Chilena de Vapores, of Valparaiso, Chile, and renamed Presidente Manuel Montt.
1913 sold to 'Gonzales Soffia y Cia' and renamed Iquique.
1918 sold to Argentina then resold to the Algerian State Railways and renamed Souk-Ahras registered at Le Havre, then Bordeaux.
1925/6 sold to
J. de St. Aignan retaining French flag.
1926/7 sold to the Italian company Soc. Anon. di Nav.
Nettuno, renamed Sara and registered in the sicilian port of Catania.
1927 retained by the same company but managed by D. Saglimbene. Her port of registry was changed to Trieste, and she was given her final name of Sara Saglimbene.
1928 broken up