Bee School by the Worcester County Beekeepers Society starts in MarchFor more information about the school and beekeeping, check out their web-site.

UMass Amherst's Center for Agriculture

has lots of good information on getting started on their web-site.

Past program: Beekeeping, with local beekeeper and author Birgit deWeerd

Thursday, Jan.16 at Bolton Public Library, 7 p.m.

Birgit deWeerd, author of "Let Me Tell You About My Bees," is a beekeeper in Bedford, who became fascinated by beekeeping more than 25 years ago, and ever since has been committed to expanding the understanding of, and the respect for, the honeybees in our environment.

Birgit’s slide show will take us through the activities in and around a beehive, starting in January and ending in the Fall with the honey harvest. Birgit will also talk about many of the pollen- and nectar-producing blossoms the bees visit on their foraging trips throughout the season, opening another gardening dimension and, maybe, planting the seed for the start of a most interesting hobby: of becoming a beekeeper yourself.

Birgit urges us, "please use pesticides and herbicides sparingly or not at all. Read labels! Avoid Neonicotinoids like Imidacloprid, known to be harmful to bees. " See more on her web-site.