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A grassroots group of people from Bolton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to build a strong, self-reliant community

made up of people committed to living sustainably on the planet, in a way that inspires, builds friendships,

and offers a hopeful vision for the future.

Membership in Bolton Local is free and open to all residents of Bolton.

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Email: boltonlocalma@gmail.com

Would you like to meet with neighbors and discuss ideas about how we can make Bolton a more sustainable place to live and build a vibrant community in the face of challenges from a faltering economy, climate change, and fossil fuel depletion?

How can we find more local solutions for food supply, energy, and transportation that will benefit all of us in an uncertain economy?

Today’s challenges bring with them opportunities to build community through shared experiences in areas such as:

  • Learning to make our homes more energy-efficient

  • Learning about alternative energy solutions

  • Learning skills related to gardening and raising animals

  • Learning to prepare and preserve locally grown food

  • Learning fiber arts -spinning, knitting and crocheting, felting, etc.

  • Supporting local farmers, orchards and businesses

  • Being better prepared for an emergency

  • Creating transportation solutions to help minimize our impact on the environment

Only after the last tree has been cut down.

Only after the last river has been poisoned.

Only after the last fish has been caught.

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

—Cree Indian Prophecy