Folklore Ensemble 'De Boezeroenen'

‘Folklore Ensemble De Boezeroenen’ was found in 1976 in Kuringen, a municipality in the city of Hasselt, in the northern (Dutch-speaking) part of Belgium. The core objective of our group is to propagate Flemish traditions and folklore by dancing, singing and showing traditional costumes. The group tries to do this based on a respectful attitude towards other cultures, values and traditions.

The performing group of ‘De Boezeroenen’ consists of roughly thirty members, with an average age of 20 years. The group brings a program of traditional Flemish folklore dance accompanied by live folk music played in different costumes and using traditional Flemish utensils such as yokes, baskets, stilts, etc.

The group provides an annual series of performances in Belgium, but also wants to propagate the Flemish folk dance and music beyond national borders. De Boezeroenen has repeatedly participated in foreign International Folklore Festivals, where they could meet other foreign ensembles and where they got to know other cultures. “De Boezeroenen” perform in Belgium and abroad. They have danced on festivals in Bulgaria, Belarus, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and the Ukraine.

Apart from their participation in international folklore festivals, De Boezeroenen also organize their own Hasselt International Folklore Festival. The purpose of this festival is similar to the core objectives of the group, namely people to get acquainted with international folk arts and the rich cultural diversity through traditional dance, music and costumes. Each year several foreign folk dance groups participate in the festival. Three of these groups are accommodated in host families during the festival week.

Contact: info@boezeroenen.be

Recent references to foreign festivals:


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“Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF)”, Piran (SLOVENIA)


“5th International Kücükcekmece 'Lake' Festival", Istanbul (TURKEY)


“Festival internazionale del Folklore nel Matese”, San Massimo (ITALY)

“Europäisches Folklore-Festival”, Bitburg (GERMANY)


“XI Festival Internacional de Folclore Cantaréu 2008”, Vila Real (PORTUGAL)


Int. Folklore Festival “Eurofolk 2007”, Zamosc (POLAND)


Int. Folklore Festival "Parbeg Laivelis", Klaipeda (LITHUANIA)


Int. Folklorefestival, Vlissingen (THE NETHERLANDS)


Int. Folklore Festival, Sofia (BULGARIA)


Int. Folklore Festival "Povos do Mundo", Lorvão-Penacova