Anna's PT Tips

Mrs. Kotula's goal here is to share ideas in physical therapy in such a way that the public can better understand how the profession can serve them. Physical Therapists can assess and design movement interventions that have been shown to help prevent and treat many health conditions and in particular those associated with an inactive lifestyle. Links to the most recent articles are below.

Initial Strength Gains


Sticking With Exercise

Pain Perception

Hot or Cold

Push & Pull

Blood Pressure During Exercise

Core Strength

Cooling Chronic Pain

Moving Towards Your Healthy Weight

Pump Pressure

Tennis Elbow

Role Of The Brain in Pain Control

How Many, How Heavy, How Often


Stand & Enjoy

A Heel Pain Tip

Shoulder Impingement

Spinal Twists & Discs

Wrist Alignment

Tension & Tone

Willpower + Force + Form