A PT Evaluation

A physical therapy evaluation includes a thorough discussion and exam. Time is taken to learn and acknowledge the client’s perspective of his/her physical challenges and goals. This informs which evidence-based tests would be most appropriate as movement ability is then assessed. From this, specific, measurable, and meaningful goals, within the context of what is important to the client, are written. The physical therapist uses this information to establish an individualized program designed to improve a person's ability to move.

Rehabilitation and prevention programs created by a Physical Therapist, can be unique because the whole person and the sciences behind movement are thoughtfully considered.

“By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are Doctors of Physical Therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function and health.”

~ American Physical Therapy Association Vision

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