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Anna Kotula, DPT

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At Ojai Valley Physical Therapy, I work with each client individually on developing a personalized plan for real and measurable success.

  • Initially, I seek to gain a thorough understanding of my clients concerns and goals by spending time listening and asking questions.
  • Many clients are eager to learn what to expect from their physical therapy experience; I develop a written plan that is unique to each patient. There is no cookie cutter approach. I provide written explanation on the rationale behind the treatment plan to make the program's benefits clear.
  • To what is healthful and meaningful to the patient's life, together we will target quantifiable improvements in movement ability. Physical therapy goals can be challenging; my approach is to design an efficient, realistic plan and set it in motion.
  • All of the time you spend in the clinic is one-on-one time with me, your therapist.
  • To best serve my clients, I am dedicated to keeping abreast of current, peer-reviewed best practice.

"The aim of physical therapists is to identify and maximize human movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, in partnership with their clients."

- World Confederation Of Physical Therapy

Ojai Valley Physical Therapy

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