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Many of the devices on this web site are VERY DANGEROUS to build and operate. Always observe every known safety precaution and do not operate them without a GFCI circuit and proper size fuses. Building any of these devices is solely the responsibility of the reader.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV. But the doctors have sure seen a lot of me. If you have a medical condition see a doctor. None of these devices on this site are meant to be medical devices and their use is solely the responsibility of the end user.

New 8 capacitor 800 volt power supply.

While experimenting with the coil gun for a youtube video I finally finished off the old power supply. I had been using a center tapped Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) but the center tap actually burned off. Then on top of that the SCR shorted out! Now the power supply is being rebuilt with 8 x 3700 uF 400 volt capacitors. The new power supply voltage source is two microwave oven transformers. Their primaries are in series so that they only deliver about 1000 volts each. The new SCR is a block device rated at 250 amps at 1800 volts. Peak current is much higher than that. Hopefully it will be ready for testing in a few weeks.

This is the preliminary schematic, remember it does not work yet! The first things missing from the schematic is the power switch and the 8 amp fuse. Secondly there is a 1 meg ohm resistor to a meter to read the voltage on the capacitors. This circuit doubles as a bleeder to keep the capacitors at 0 volts while in storage.

Computer Technical Conference (CTC) at JAARS

Every other year JAARS (Jungle Avaition and Radio Support), Wycliffe Bible Translators, and SIL (Institute of Linguistics) has a conference to share advances in computer technology. This conference was held at the JAARS campus in North Carolina. There were about 250 people representing 50 different organizations there this year. About two years ago Wycliffe started a process to move their language translation software to public domain and Linux based software. They year they had a DVD that you could put into your computer that would boot your computer into Linux with all of the language software available. You could optionally install Linux on your computer in a partition. However there are some software and capabilities that are not yet available in Linux versions.

Lanier voicewriter 400

I have sometimes worked on one of these machines. The frst problem was that it would not start up. The solution was to replace two of the smaller capacitors in the power supply. The next problem was the dying Wyse WY-30 terminals. It took a while to figure out that the communication rate was not the normal 9600 baud. It was 19200 baud! Then there was another problem. Hyperterminal does not have a built in terminal emulator that works with the Lanier equipment. The only solution we could find was to buy a terminal emulator program.

Idea for a TV show

Recently I saw a show called "Monster Garage". I would not recomend it because of the language, but it takes cars and makes monster cars out of them. I thought it would be a great idea to have a "Monster Tech" or "Geek Garage" show! We could make Tesla coils, Jacobs ladders, washer launchers, can crushers, coin crushers, rail guns, ball lightning, microwave guns, and whatever else we could find to make. It could be a real blast!

A new treatment for heavy metals

I have taken Chlorella. I bought it in powder form. It works but in powder form there are problems. For one thing it tastes like concentrated spinish. For another thing if you accidently breathe it in, you will sneeze everything to a green color. It is really funny to see. Then I found something that is better and easier to use.

I have discovered a cheap over the counter way to remove heavy metals. They are called "Detox Foot Pads". You put them on your feet at night and in the morning you remove them. They go on white in color and in the morning they are black and stink. They soak up metals through the skin overnight. The run about $1 each to buy on Ebay look for "detox foot pads". I bought 10 and tried them for 5 days. It made a huge difference. I have been soldering since the age of 13, sometimes even putting the solder in my mouth when I needed a third hand. I have also renovated old houses to where my sinus' were full of the black dust. Blood tests showed no lead, but I did not believe it. I have also played with mercury and had over a dozen metal fillings at one time. Chlorella may have helped a little but not like the foot pads! Now we have ordered 100 of the foot pads, I plan on getting lots of others to try them, as well as do another round or two myself.