Names of clouds and pictures

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NWS Cloudchart

North hemisphere cross section showing jet streams and tropopause elevations

CirrusCirrus: high level, white tufts or filaments; made up of ice crystals. (No precipitation.)

CirrocumulusCirrocumulus: high level, small rippled elements; ice crystals. (No precipitation.)

CirrostratusCirrostratus: high level, transparent sheet or veil, halo phenomena; ice crystals. (No precipitation.)

AltocumulusAltocumulus: middle level layered cloud, rippled elements, generally white with some shading. May produce light showers.

AltostratusAltostratus: middle level grey sheet, thinner layer allows sun to appear as through ground glass. Precipitation: rain or snow.

NimbostratusNimbostratus: thicker, darker and lower based sheet. Precipitation: heavier intensity rain or snow.

StratocumulusStratocumulus: low level layered cloud, series of rounded rolls, generally white. Precipitation: drizzle.

StratusStratus: low level layer or mass, grey, uniform base; if ragged, referred to as "fractostratus". Precipitation: drizzle.

CumuluCumulus: low level, individual cells, vertical rolls or towers, flat base. Precipitation: showers of rain or snow.

CumulonimbusCumulonimbus: low level, very large cauliflower-shaped towers to 16 km high, often "anvil tops". Phenomena: thunderstorms, lightning, squalls. Precipitation: showers of rain or snow.

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