Many buttons can be found in 18th century artwork and clothing collections.
Some examples:

Death Head buttons: (Copley portraits 03.1033, 10.34, 31.211)
                                                                                                                         Chas. Willson Peale)
   (James Madison by Gilbert Stuart )

           Breeches belonging to George Washington, Mt. Vernon Ladies Assn. collection 
(image not available)

           Small buttons used to hold up Polonaise gown loops, and also on a Man's Banyan,
                         APVA/Mary Doering 2009 exhibition at Scotchtown, Beaverdam, VA  
(image not available)
Compere  (ladies' gowns with buttons on front). There are more than 20 extant gowns and jackets, including:
                (item 1978.85.1)                   
                                                                                        (Kyoto Costume Institute linen chintz day gown)
              Brunswick/Pet en l'air  with buttons (ladies' travel jacket):

Some books about 18th Century buttons:

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These are but a few of the items we have found while doing button research. In addition to the above, we have a research file of examples we have located in both art and clothing collections. Please contact us at if you want more information on the history and usage of any particular style of button available.

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