Colors & Fibers

Buttons can be made from silk, wool, linen, mohair, cotton, or metallic thread.
While there are online color charts for most of the threads we normally use, we
have found that the color values vary greatly between different computer screens.

If you wish to use wool, we use the Appleton colors. If you do not have access to 
their color chart, you can send us a swatch of fabric, and we can email you a photo 
of the fabric with some suggested thread color choices.

For silk, if you send us a fabric swatch, we can email a photo with color suggestions 
from the 50+ colors  we  normally use. We primarily use Fujix and Gutermann 
products. If you wish to provide silk buttonhole twist from another source, we can 
discount button prices accordingly.

Mohair is the latest addition to our offerings. It was perhaps the most common
fiber used to create Death Head buttons. Is is softer and has more shine than
sheep's wool. Our mohair thread  is 100% pure, without other fibers blended into it. 
However, it comes from overseas, so there can be a slight delay in getting these 
buttons made. The colors available are more limited than those available in plain
wool. You can send us a swatch of fabric, and we can email you a photo of the fabric 
with some suggested thread color choices. We are also able to use the color selection 
of mohair threads available from Roy Najecki (

Metallic thread colors available are silver and gold. There is a fine and a thick
thread size available, depending on the demands of the button design.

Linen for shirt buttons is available in white, cream, and brown (natural). These are 
the colors most commonly associated with 18th century buttons.  If you are interested 
in more varied shades of  hand-dyed colored linen for a project, I can put you in touch 
with a dyer and you can see what she currently has available. The lovely coral pink on 
the sample buttons pictured is one of her colors.

Cotton may not be historically correct for some periods. However, it is an attractive 
material. We have access to the standard DMC Perle colors available at most large 
craft stores.