Seniors & heritage programs
Our Vibrant History                                                                              

The heritage programs oftentimes promote interaction with seniors - some come to participate, others are mentors, advising and lecturing. 

There is also an accompanying film about the history of gardening in "the County",  featuring seniors from here, reminiscing about their experiences in gardening.

We are very excited to be almost completed work on our Seniors' Garden Library. This " little cottage" in the gardens is a getaway with cozy seating, a tea table, windows onto the lovely flowers, and bookcases filled with rotating kinds of books suited to the seniors who are visiting for the morning or afternoon.  One morning of the week little children are guests to listen to stories read by seniors.  Other times it is a cozy respite and getaway where seniors can peacefully read to themselves and when requested we read to them 

Seniors Library (under construction - summer 2018)

......  an all ages experience of learning, sharing and remembering.
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