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Black Walnut Gardens and its founder Carolyn Lecker have been involved in gardens for children for over 20 years now.
Black Walnut Educational Gardens itself, 
is host to wonderful garden areas designed specifically with children in mind.


A 10’ scarecrow, a mini-bird house city, and a vegetable maze, are part of the whimsical and inviting aspects here. Because of specific plantings, the childrens’ areas are a haven for an array of birds, butterflies, the amazing hummingbird moth, and many, many preying mantis, “Johnny Walking Sticks”, frogs, toads, and other wonderful creatures. Kid’s tours and special events include a “weird and wonderful” creatures segment.


The Children’s Garden, like other gardens here, is environmentally sensitive, promoting sustainable growth. Specific eco-classes are offered. In the summer - there is a “green eco-camp” with regular participants including children from the nearby Tyendinaga First Nations reserve. Intergenerational ; senior’s for years have been involved in tours and explorations alongside children.

There is a giant as well as small “kitchen garden”
where children can “sample”. With one quarter of an acre devoted to children,
some areas are wheel-chair accessible. One site – the bean and sunflower walk, is designed for children to plant in. A Circle Garden in a larger garden mass is specifically for sensory exploring –  
a safe place to taste, smell and touch. A picket “wall” to tell “nature stories” allows for each child to add her or his newly learned nature –behaviour information, and permanently contribute to the hardscape of one corner of the childrens’ garden





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