A proof of concept tool.
A way to help you find unauthorized modifications of your web pages.

It has been said: "Better prevent than cure".

But website intrussions may happen even if you try to put all protections in place. When a site is compromised, the actual damages may depend on how fast its owner reacts making detection mechanisms crucial in mitigating the efects of any security incident.

To deal with attackers we need to know their motivations. There may be a good number of reasons for them to modify a site. For example, they may want to leverage its computing power or Internet access bandwidth. If that is the case, they will probably desire the attack to go unnoticed as much time as possible.

Another reason may be promoting certain web pages in search engine results. Being the first page to appear in results from search engines like Google or Bing is important. Very important. That can be the difference between success and fail. And there are people that don't care about the means when it cames to this kind of things.

Here you will found out about how Black SEO techniques may affect your website and how to detect them. Use the menu at the left to browse the site... and enjoy!