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With about 14,000 members from institutes of higher education, research centres, and industry the BioTech Dhaba is the leading body of student group of bioscience experts in India.

The BioTech Dhaba represents the interests of all who work and research in the dynamic and promising disciplines combining chemistry, medicine, and biological sciences – from first year students to heads of institutes, from junior scientists to prize winners – and promotes research and teaching, the implementation of scientific findings in biotechnology and medicine, and their popularization.

The National and International BioTech Dhaba meetings are a platform for sharing information on the latest developments in biosciences with leading experts on the represented sectors.

The network of contacts extends to all Universities in India, many in Europe, USA & Canada and a large number of major research centres. These contacts will be pleased to provide you with information

INCEPTION: Keeping the welfare of Indian students in mind the need for a forum that would cater their needs was realized and BioTech Dhaba came into reality. With the aim to spread knowledge & awareness,"The BioTech Dhaba" belongs to all Indian students who would like to share their knowledge and experiences. With the diaspora of various segments under the canopy of science and technology BioTech Dhaba is definite to help each and every institute & student in India. BioTech Dhaba is dedicated to applying our combined intellects, energy, & resourcefulness in ways that contribute to improve the quality education among all those who need it.

BioTech Dhaba hereby take immense pleasure in introducing itself as an umbrella for large scale topics & events specific to Biosciences. Starting this year, BioTech Dhaba encompasses myriad of things ranging from Education to Consultancy, Science congresses, Conferences to Seminars & e-newsletter to Scholarships.

To start with, This website will offer the following essential services

Knowledge Ka Tadka: is directed towards helping those students of biotechnology & allied biosciences who does not have access to much information & many journals. We will also be covering few topics in our bio-newsletter and provide g uidance to those who are interested in exploring knowledge.

Consultancy: We operate through collective intellect with members best in the industry to provide the right kind of consultancy services for the students, employies & corporates. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Scholarships: This will be aimed at providing monetary as well as mentoring services to students of all the streams and classes, right from the school to postdoctoral level.

Conferences: Scientific meetings to create awareness and a proper networking is mandatory in todays age. We aim our conferences for a bright and satisfying career of a student.

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