Automatic Rice Cooker

  • Designed for rice cooking without rice wash by using wash-free rice
  • Fully automatic rice cooking with remote control
    • Rice weighting, water adding, heating, preservation
    • Without rinse water and water drain using
    • On schedule cooking for variety grains or beans
    • Suitable for time course cooking
  • Saving room space, cooking power and water consumption.
  • On line monitoring the consuming of rice, bean, or grain for each 2x1 WDIRC for selling of consumption via E-commerce and logistics system
  • Creative services by robot with WDIRC inside
  • Giant markets from smart house, kitchen and appliance

What names are my name listed as below

Offical Name: Ping-Hua Chang

Social Media Name: BinVa Chang

Academic Name: Bin-Wha Chang

Chinese Name: 張炳華

Degree: PhD on BioMedical Eengineering, NCKU, Taiwan, 2004


1. Introduction to Ping-Hua/BinVa/BinWha

This is a personal website for PhD BinVa Chang (張炳華 博士)

PhD BinVa Chang, his official name in the passport is Ping-Hua Chang, and usually he also used BinWha Chang to be his academic name for research publish.

By the present, three types of academic study or specialty that he has, the one is studying on the field of bio-medical engineering such as bio-sensor and bio-technology development, electric impedance analysis, flow injection analysis and medical device design. another one is to study the field of health care management, e.g., sleep disorder, emotion (pressure, depression, anxiety) related quality of health, patient safety, long-term care, hospital administration, PZB gap model, and theory of planned behavior. Finally, his alternate focus is on the study of emergent technology like as IOT, IOT-Ecommerce, big data analysis, smart appliance & house development, block chain, and artificial intelligence.

Regarding the profile of PhD BinVa Chang, that you can refer his Autobiography, Profile, Patents, Publications and Projects by linked.

2. Invention on a Smart IOT-Ecommerce appliance (WDIRC)

2.1 Innovation & Creativity, his most important contribution to the world is to invent "a smart rice cooking appliance", also named as "WDIRC (water dispenser with intelligent rice cooker) , it facilitates the the cooking of rice by a remote and automatic control way without man operation. Through this way, it is easy to connect the cloud service and to provide a customize service for our clients.

2.2 WDIRC device (Patent protected), a best innovative and powerful cooking device in the world, it was invented by PhD. Chang since this idea to be induced in 2008. Till now, why we cooked rice without automatic machine daily, is it not available or not necessary? trust me, we haven't it a fully automatic rice cooker to overcome the issue by now, and no good solution to be executed as we know. That's why Dr. BinVa to invent this smart appliance to us. The structure and scenario of WDIRC to be used as a smart cooker is shown in the figure 1 and 2, respectively.

The detail description of WDIRC is linked to the page of "introduction of WDIRC", that you can refer it over there.

Figure 1. A structure diagram of water dispenser with intelligent rice cooker (WDIRC)

2.3 IOT-Ecommerce model, a newest application combines the WDIRC into a cloud service with goods flow, business flow, money flow, service flow and information flow . The invention of WDIRC shapes the future of E-commerce on foods buying such as rice, bean, wheat, or grain. When the commands or responses enter into the cloud service, that data analysis can be done by the cloud analysis engine or algorithm, and then a personal service will be delivered through logistics. So the provider of foods or goods would be able to implement their marketing strategy to optimize the market share and size. How to benefit the development, that’s based on the infrastructure of information exchange, money flow and service delivery which progress to be had in houses. As we know the step of IOT application is closing to us, customization and personalization are the future of cooking style. By this change, the data and parameter can be store in the cloud for providing the customized and personalized services such as cooking time, cooking type, cooking amount, and cooking quality etc. Moreover, consumer experiences can engage in the supply chain of foods through this system. They can get a certain service from cloud suggestions based on their cooking favorites.

Figure 2. Illustration of IOT-Ecommerce by WDIRC and cloud service

2.4 Global market forecast to WDIRC, regarding the forecast of WDIRC sells in the world, generally the market is wide and broad to us that's based on its commonness and practice. According to the market survey report in the year 2017, The global smart home market (year 2017) is worth approximately $25 billion excluding smart TVs and residential solar power systems. As smart home application prices drop and their availability increases, their penetration will increase too. We estimate the total smart home market will creep up to more than $300 billion in 2025 and then explode in five application categories to approximately $500 billion in 2030, when it will represent more than 40 percent of the total home appliance market. Likewise with the intelligent technology advancing, kitchen appliances market is a rapidly growing market due to rapid change in the lifestyle of consumers and information communication technology, globally. Higher disposable income among people, especially in the emerging economies and growing awareness about health are some the major factors driving the growth of global kitchen appliances market. Based on the development of IOT, the changes of kitchen appliances are more rapid than ever. The prediction of global market trend in smart kitchen appliance, this market will rise up to 203.4 billion at year 2020. The increase of CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is approximately 6% per year, if we consider the factors of technology such as IOT, AI, big data, EC, and unman operation etc. on kitchen market, that will increase than this prediction more times. This is a huge and big growth market, and it will impact a lot of peoples to change their life styles with smart appliances. As we think when the convenience is coming, the market growth will be exponential expanded to the smart house. Meanwhile by the data analysis from many global market surveys, we know this product WDIRC is very competitive and potential in the future smart house market, it can combine the IOT, E-commerce, AI, online payment, unman driving and big data analysis to open an innovation and customized service for our clients, and then to create a huge wealth for people doing this job, so this is a best chance to join us for developing a new era in the field of smart kitchen.

Figure 3. Forecast of global kitchen appliance market by year 2013 to 2030

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