More to come

 Eye Man

Skunk Ape Man

Brotherhood of the Hawk

Ironman and Assistants

Intruderman looking for sausage gravy

Pressman and KT Girl

MusicMan and Pressman (Would it hurt if I hit you with this camera?)

Renaissance Man

 Tina K.

The Goffs and the Goffling

Jim explaining to Ranger Kathy why he does not qualify for 6 months and $6,000.  He's pointing to the Skunk Ape guy.

Mike hosts John Irvine who visited on 10/29/07.  He was long time coordinator at Rockfish and a hawkwatcher emeritus.

A Supercouple

Bill, after his visit to SkunkApeville, demonstrates the actual height of said animal.

True Love and Devotion

Blue Skies Joyce

Joyce knows everything about every living thing at the KnobShe looks down as much as up.

In November she dresses warmly: "Wonder how I'll get up if a bird flies over?  I think I overlayered"

"Tad!  You're up.  What's that bird?"                                                  "Just an Eagle....."

                                                                                                ("After this photo-opp, could you help me up...")

"That bird has an unusual Bill....."                                                                         Harvey's Finest!


Joyce has everything in that van!  You need it, she's got it!  Emergency care, information about millipedes, genealogy, number of hawks seen in Amsterdam in 2000, etc.  Here she is looking for her misplaced nuclear reactor!  There is only one Joyce!