Harvey's Knob Hawkwatch

Established in 1977 by Myriam Moore 1912-2006


  Located on the Botetourt-Bedford County line near Roanoke, Virginia between mile markers 95 and 96 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

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Why would anyone climb a besmirched Vulture roosting tower on this mountain (Purgatory)?

Hawkwatch History

Who would have the gumption to make that climb?

Tribute To A Grand Lady

She was, and we are, part of this: HMANA

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Interesting Survey of 2016 AT Through Hikers

Bad video of a good Kettle!

EOS, if bored.....

Great Northern Harrier Photos by Bill Tucker HERE!
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September 16th, 2014 Summary!

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Early Eagle Over the Valley

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A Tribute

by David Holt


by David Holt


by David Holt

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    David Holt's Proposal To Explain Stimuli for Broadwing Hawk Migration

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Video (5 Min.) of a walk on the entire Appalachian Trail!
(If you find Harvey's Knob, please note the time!)


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Baron & Bill's Knob Historical


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What is a BUZZARD?

11/5/11 Immature Golden Eagle
Captured by Dave B.

This By Dave Same Day:

And this:

More From Dave:

9/30/11 A different day:
(Click for a large version)

Purgatory: TS IDA

November, 2009

Bald vs Golden EAGLE

This great photo was taken by Mark Mullins:

                                        Osprey In Action 

             Here's another from Mark of our favorite insect:

Click on it - you won't believe the clarity!

                                  Northern Harrier:



Mountain Friends

 Saw this Osprey and Moon 4/6/08:

(Click on it!)

Bill Tucker was taking this photo of an Accipiter and the Moon when I photographed him below:

Balancing Acts:

One Record


On 11/17/07

Representing all HK hawkwatchers past and present in anticipation of the record breaking hawk are Baron, Mike, Tad and Katie.  And here it comes:

Unwelcome Guest (Us?)

Directions to Harveys Knob:


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