BSRA Announcements

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August 12, 2023 Launch Cancelled

Due to Fire Danger our August 12th launch has been cancelled.  This really isn't a surprise. We don't know yet about September.


Found - USB Camera

One of our newest members launched an Estes AstroCam on Saturday, July 8.  When he went to retrieve it he found what he thought was the USB camera  for his rocket lying nearby. He picked it and the rocket up and returned to his work table, but once he looked closer at his rocket he discovered that his camera, which was identical, was still in place. So, by a freakish coincidence, he found a camera that someone else lost during a flight.  I'll download the pictures and post them and a picture of the camera a little later.


Big Sky Rocketry Association is planning to hold our next launch on Saturday, July 8, from 10 AM to 5 PM, weather permitting. I will activate the waiver to 24,000 feet above ground level and the batteries are all charged. 

Saturday looks like it will be clear and warm.  As I write this the forecast is sunny and 74°F.

There will be a porta-potty.  At our last launch people generously contributed.  Still, if you haven't paid your yearly dues ($5 student, $20 individual adult, $25 family) now would be a good time.  Of course we also accept contributions of any size or quantity.

I hope to see you all there.


The March 25th rocket launch is canceled.  The roads are either icy or wet.  We didn't get much snow overnight, but the roads are covered and it appears like it will only get worse.  Sorry to everyone!

This Saturday, March 25th, 2023, BSRA will hold its first launch of the year.

The weather is currently forecast to be cold, overcast, and 30% chance of snow.  But, today is beautiful and we've seen swings in weather so I'm planning on opening the range on Saturday anyway.

A few TARC teams are hoping to fly qualification flights.  Even if the weather isn't conducive to Class 2 (High Power) flights, I'll keep the range open for them.

I will also make myself available to TARC teams who wish to fly TARC qualification flights in Butte on Sunday.  I believe your teams have already been in contact with Lt. Walt McIntosh of CAP to make the needed arrangements.

I will have all the needed launch equipment.  Just bring your teams, your rockets, and motors. 


Second update - 6 PM Friday, March 24

Folks from the east are dealing with a Winter Storm Alert.  They will not be coming and they're smart to make that decision.

It snowed twice today, but melted off immediately. Right now there's a cold wind and very overcast skies, but it hasn't started snowing again. If it gets no worse I'll plan to drive down tomorrow morning. I'm all hooked up to the launch equipment trailer and I'm charging batteries in the kitchen (I have the best wife.)

If it gets worse tonight, I'll cancel tonight. If it gets worse overnight, I'll cancel tomorrow morning. If it doesn't get worse and the forecast supports it I'll leave here about 8:30.