2023 Launch Schedule

All BSRA launches will be held at the Twin Bridges launch site.

Unless otherwise announced, launches will follow the Tripoli Safety Codes and the site is covered by Tripoli insurance for these launches. Members are urged to join Tripoli or NAR to obtain insurance as well.  High Power flyers must belong to one or the other and must be appropriately certified. 

With the permission of the Tripoli Prefect, any launch can be reconfigured as a Tripoli Research Launch.  The italicized entries in the list below are for the two national Tripoli launches.  All other launches shown in the list below are BSRA launches.

March 25 - Canceled due to weather!

April 22

May 13

June 17

July 6-9: LDRS 41 - Bong State Park - Wisconsin

July 15

August 12

September 16

September 21 - 24: BALLS 31 - Black Rock Desert - Gerlach, NV

October 14 

November 11