Launch Pad

Big Sky Rocketry Association 2021 Season News:

First, If you paid dues last year, you are paid up this year. The officers of Big Sky Rocketry Association decided that late last year.

Second, If you have been vaccinated, masks are optional but recommends when unable to socially distance. Because the pandemic is not over, we must protect each other, ourselves, and those we love.

Third, We began launching on March 27th, 2021 and we launched March, April, and May. Our June and July launches were cancelled for fire risk. We hope to resume launches as soon as the hot and dry conditions abate. That usually happens in September. Then we plan to launch in October and November. The full schedule is posted on the Launch Schedule page. Of course, fire and pandemic restrictions have proven to be quite unpredictable, so please be somewhat forgiving.

Fourth, If you feel unwell, stay away.