Launch Pad

Big Sky Rocketry Association 2021 Season News:

First, If you paid dues last year, you are paid up this year. The officers of Big Sky Rocketry Association decided that late last year.

Second, Even if you have been vaccinated, mask mandates, socially distancing, and appropriate hygiene are still the order of the day. Because the pandemic is not over, we must protect each other, ourselves, and those we love.

Third, We begin launching on March 27th, 2021 and we hope to launch every month through November. The full schedule will be posted on the Launch Schedule page. Of course, fire and pandemic restrictions have proven to be quite unpredictable, so please be somewhat forgiving.

Fourth, I will act as LCO as often as possible. I had shoulder surgery shortly after our first launch so for a few months I will be unable to do much else. This is one way I can help. I will wear a mask when others are near to increase their protection. Everyone who approaches me to notify me what they are flying must also have a mask on. Please also keep six feet of distance between you and me. I have an immunity compromised wife and this is important to me. I'll write the information for your rocket on a flight log. This will be the information I use to announce the flights.

Fifth, Rocketry readily allows for appropriate physical distancing and we all should take the recommendations seriously. That does not mean you cannot visit others or look at each other's projects, but please respect the six foot minimum distance.

Sixth, Please be sure to bring hand sanitizer or wipes to use before and after handling the launch pads. That's the one shared item that we cannot eliminate from the launch, so we have to be smart and considerate when we use it. Be prepared to use sanitizing wipes on common touch surfaces whenever you use the porta-potty also. By now most of us have developed some pretty good hygiene habits!

Seventh, If you feel unwell, even just a little, please stay home. It's that simple.