Launch Pad

The October launch has also been cancelled due to fire danger and increased Covid 19 spread.

Big Sky Rocketry Association is pleased to be holding its third launch of the year. It's time to get out of the house and get some vitamin D, fresh air, and the smell of rocket exhaust. Accuweather predicts a beautiful clear day in the low-mid 80 degree range with no chance of precipitation. I don't know about wind yet.

The launch will be held Saturday, July 11th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Note: this is an hour earlier than the last launch!!!) I will get there sometime after 8 to begin setting up the range. Because of the conditions imposed by the state and county health department we will have some special rules and procedures to avoid transmitting the virus from one participant to another. The requirements are intended to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus.

First, there will be a porta-potty this time, but if you use it please wipe or spray any contact surfaces. Also, please leave the door open to allow air movement to disperse the air within.

Second, I will serve as Launch Director and Launch Control Officer all day. That will avoid multiple people touching surfaces near the launch system.

Third, Andy Horton will serve as RSO. He is also the Prefect. He, Dale, (who's a TAP) or I will sign off on NAR or Tripoli certification flights with copious quantities of hand sanitizer before and afterwards.

Fourth, I will wear a mask when others are near to increase their protection. Everyone who approaches me to notify me what they are flying must also have a mask on. Please also keep six feet of distance between you and me. I have an immunity compromised wife and this is important to me. I'll write the information for your rocket on a flight log. This will be the information I use to announce the flights.

Fifth, I anticipate a small launch. Now that the state is in Phase 2, group sizes are limited to 50 and below, but with the recent spate of new cases in the state, unnecessary contact is mandatory. Rocketry readily allows for appropriate physical distancing and we all should take the recommendations seriously. That does not mean you cannot visit others or look at each other's projects, but please respect the six foot minimum distance.

Sixth, please be sure to bring hand sanitizer or wipes to use before and after handling the launch pads. That's the one shared item that we cannot eliminate from the launch, so we have to be smart and considerate when we use it.

Seventh,and finally, if you feel unwell, even just a little, please stay home. It's that simple.