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Bazooka Jo

Pfc Johanningmeier ("Jo") isn't the brightest soldier and lost most of his hearing after the jump. The only reason he's still on the front lines is because he can haul a bazooka and who knows how many shells clear across Normandy without missing a step. Stay clear of his line of fire, but don't let him get too far ahead of you or he'll get himself into trouble.

No Monologues

This turns off Hartock and Marshall's dialogue at the beginning of each level, and skips to the opening cutscene for that chapter.

NOTE: This Mutator is for Earned in Blood Only


Gearbox commissioned composer Stephen Harwood Jr. to score a beautiful soundtrack for the Road to Hill 30.  They later decided not to include it during actual gameplay, for a more authentic feeling during battle.  However, if you want to hear "what could have been," this mutator will play specially-selected tracks for each chapter.


The default Soundtrack Mutator is probably too soft really hear, so I released a louder version called SoundtrackLoud that is a separate download from the main mod package.

Online Recon

While playing Singleplayer with the OnlineRecon mutator, you will automatically get an instant on-screen notification when an online Multiplayer game is detected. It's rare, but it happens! Plus, the menu screen is changed so you can join that Multiplayer server even faster.