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Dangerous AI

All New Challenges

The Command Mod has some basic soldier-level AI enhancements, such as better Panzerfaust accuracy and reactions to grenades.  But for a much greater challenge, Dangerous AI will have you facing a German army that uses much more advanced tactics to outflank you!

The Limitations of the Unmodded Games

Despite its incredibly innovative gameplay, most of the enemy units in Brothers in Arms don't move very often, if at all.  They're stuck wherever the map creator scripted them to set up position, and that's where they stay until you flank and kill them.  

Earned in Blood has a little better situational scripting than Road to Hill 30, and units do try to adjust to your tactics somewhat.  However, their strategy is limited to what the map creator decided upon when the game was first created, and can still be rather predictable.

Real-Time AI Awareness

With the Dangerous AI mutator, every unit that is not manning a gun will constantly react to your movements.  

The Germans will seek out better firing positions as you move out of range or out of sight.  They will realize when you are maneuvering towards their flanks, and try to avoid being flanked by keeping you in front of their fire from behind cover.

They will also try to keep you pinned down while they maneuver towards your own flanks.  When you are outnumbered and out of position, the enemy will launch a full charging assault with grenades and melee attacks.  On the other hand, when the going gets really rough for them, German units will sometimes retreat to safer positions.

Use the Dangerous AI mutator in combination with the German Smoke mutator, and they will use smoke grenades to cover their retreat or allow them to shift fire to your flanking units.