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Hollywood FX

Ultra-Immersive Effects Bring War to Life

The HollywoodFX Mutator will change every bullet impact and explosion in the game.  They have been expertly engineered to heighten the excitement, panic, and utter danger of a real firefight.  Get ready for a lot more blood, grass, wood splinters, dirt, leaves, and a hell of a lot of smoke and dust.
  • No more generic grey/white puffs of smoke
  • Completely new, incredible hedgerow impacts
  • "Saving Private Ryan" styled blood hits
  • Leaves fall from trees
  • Stone shards and bricks explode from walls
  • Glass windows shatter
  • Bullets rip through wood and hay
  • Smokey haze covers heavily shot-up areas
  • Explosions throw much more debris
  • Blood back-spatters onto your screen from nearby hits
  • Enhanced shellshock effects
  • Exploding bodies