Legendary Mods for a Legendary Game

Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood will bring your World War II experience to all new levels of realism and immersion.   Incredibly engaging action, authenticity, and attention to detail brings these memorable games a new life.  For true fans of Brothers in Arms, these mods are an absolutely essential necessity.

Mod Features:

  • All New Tactical Squad Commands
    Order your squad to waypoints, assault tanks, acquire panzerfausts, and man MGs.
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence
    The improved enemy AI will flank and assault; use, return, and dive on grenades; and have better accuracy with panzerfausts.
  • Hordes of New Allied and Enemy Soldiers
    Command over 21 soldiers in your squad, and face three times the enemy.
  • Multiplayer Bots: Play Against the Computer
    Play against the computer in any multiplayer map.
  • More Immersive Battle Chatter
    Both US and Germans shout more combat dialogue never heard before in the original game.
  • Smoke Grenades
    Use smoke grenades to lay down cover, while the Germans will do the same to maneuver against you.
  • More Realistic Physics
    Dead bodies crumple to the ground, grenades and rockets travel more realistically.
  • Enhanced Special Effects
    More dust, dirt, leaves, grass, smoke, rock, and blood flying at you and covering the battlefield.
  • Full Customization of Weapons
    Edit damage amounts, firing rates, kickback, and more; plus you can select the loadouts for your squad.
  • For Singleplayer and Multiplayer
    All these and even more, including Realistic Sights, Bazooka Jo, Realistic Tracer Fire, and Soundtrack mods.

Grab Your Gear and Move Out

Easy to Install, Easy to Play

The mods are small files for downloading; open them and they will install themselves.  Just follow my short guide to getting started if you want to know more.

Mutator button in the Chapters menu
Mutators in Brothers in Arms

Once installed, you will see that the mods are actually divided up into individual Mutators that you select manually, allowing you to customize which components of Rendroc's Mods you want to use.  It may sound complicated at first, but it's really quite simple: just start the game and click the Mutators button in the Chapter selection menu.  (NOTE: Road to Hill 30 must be patched to v1.11)

Getting More Intel

If you want to know more about the Mutators, definitely check out the most popular features.  True Brothers in Arms fans absolutely must try the CommandMod and WarZone mutators at least once.

The ReadMe has more detailed information on all aspects of the mods.

I'll post something in the Announcements section whenever there's an update to the mods, or some other Brothers in Arms-related news.

If you have any questions or comments, or need help with anything, just send an email to: rendrocmod[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll do my best to get back to you, pronto!