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$10 Extra batteries for Samsung phone
$18 Missionary insurance, covers health and other travel-related emergency events
$20 Typhoid Immunization Capsules
$25 Passport photos
$30 Anti-Malaria treatment co-pay
$60 FedEx Visa application
$65 LPI Linux Essentials Certificate test
$75 Immunization visit co-pay at Northwestern Travel Clinic
$99 noise cancelation headphones
$100 Ghana Visa
$229 More immunizations from Allegheny County
$250 Chicago to Pittsburgh airfare
$250 Pittsburgh to Chicago airfare
$500 Cash on hand for unanticipated expenses. Credit cards are risky.
$1500 Airfare from Pittsburgh to Ghana

$2666 Out of pocket expenses as of October 13, 2012

TBD expenses...
Modest gift to hosts for food and lodging while in Ghana ~$100
Phone card for use in Ghana $2.50 so far
Insect repellent
Malaria net kits
Water purification tablets filter bottle paid for by Kathy Ludwick
Various over-the-counter drugs
One month's worth of toiletries
Voltage adapters

Lightweight Ubuntu laptop with webcam
Sturdy laptop back-back
Ladies hiking boots