Hello, I am Beth Lynn Eicher, Chicago Technical Lead and Free Software Community Liaison of Computer Reach

Contact: bethlynn@computereach.com  (312) 566-8947

In October 2012, Computer Reach will deploy 100 computers in Ghana for the education of the children and communities. We hope to return in 2013 to deploy more systems and check on our deployments. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious effort of Ubuntu desktops in Africa besides The Shuttleworth Foundation.

Going with them means $3000+ of personal out pocket expense, working full time on the mission for one month, and being away from my life in Chicago. Sponsor my costs at http://en.indiegogo.com/computerreach2012

Computer Reach is a lean 501(c)3 non-profit which depends on contributions from people like you to resolve the digital divide. To donate, mention "The Ghana Mission" while donating via Computereach.com Paypal Link.

Subscribe to the mailman list: http://davesevick.com/mailman/listinfo/ghana

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