Memories of Hoggard

I have great memories of Best Point. I will share some here.
I am Dave Hoggard (from Owatonna, MN) and have had a camp trailer at Best Point for over fifteen years now.
Seen below is the road coming into Beat Point Resort. Every time I go up or down this road, I am either very
happy to arrive... or sad that it is time to go back home.

Many days my family will arrive on weekdays. These are times that the resort is quiet with hardly anyone there.
A few of the regulars will be round... but the weekend campers have yet to arrive. This is my favorite of times as
the camp ground seems to be "mine, all alone". I have spent many many days relaxing at my camper in the
quiet of the weekday mornings.

At times on weekday mornings, you are hard pressed to find anyone a round at all! Those who are there seem
to sleep in late. Many times, I have put four hours on the water fishing in my boat and come back to hardly a soul
being up in the resort.

This is heaven like to me... you can hear the birds sing and listen to the wind blowing through the leaves.

Weekdays... most all the cabins will be empty.

There is peace on earth here... nothing like the rat-race of the city.

My son, James (seen here in front of the Best Point Store) is able to get away from that play station long enough
to do some quality thinking here. I have enjoyed watching him grow up having this quiet place to come to.

When the kids want they can play in the water (BP has a great sand beach). The resort is perfect for swimming.

I have enjoyed watching my kids grow up here and seeing the other campers kids grow and have such fun over
the years... such great memories.

Every thing one could ask for and more... I just LOVE my memories of Best Point Resort. Now my kids are grow-up.
Now, I get to watch others kids grow up like Luke's little Gavin (seen here behind the counter at the BP Store ).
What FUN!

Do you have memories to share about Best Point Resort?
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