Best Point Resort Camping and Rates

We offer Cabins, Camp Spaces for trailers and motor homes, and tent sites.

Above is a basic layout of our resort. Restrooms and showers are aprox. 50 yards

from all cabins. Please note that all our roads are gravel.

There is a FULL SIZE house UP ON THE HILL with more room than our standard cabins.

Please check about availability and also on the amenities... grill & tables & fire-rings, etc

including the view of the lake (trees do block the lake view some months of the year).

There is a 2 bedroom house up on the hill with full bath and shower.

Calling is much quicker than using emails for us....

so, please call if you have questions at the resort;

Phone us

May / October (507) 362-8526

Nov / April (507) 330-3955

You may email is at

Please call to get accurate rates as prices

are subject to change without notice.

2020 Summer Rates