Best Point Resort FISH Pix

Dave "Hoggie" Hoggard with one of our great Sunnies!

Hello, just thought I’d share a pic of my catch from 2012.

This is a 53.5” x 28” x 39lb musky caught off the rocky point.

My wife and I have owned a cabin just slightly angled to the NE of

Best Point on the North Shore.

Best Regards,

Bob Hartz

Peter Stadheim with a 25" Walleye July 2017. "Using minnows

wasn't working so I switched to a deep runner which was

mid sized and greenish color. I instantly hook into this 25" walleye!

I has a good guide, Keith Reich and the netter was Brandon Reich.

A day to remember... good times with the other passengers in the boat Bill, Charlie,

and Jackie Reich.

"Sitting on a weedline sure beats standing on a street corner!"

Nick and Gavin BASSIN it up with Bill Phipps July, 2017.

Jamie Johnson 19lbs Northern Pike, July 2017. Caught at 10:00am on a white spinnerbait.

Good sized Tetonka "keeper" walleye.

Shirley with a 6 1/2 lb Large Mouth Bass. Nice catch!

John Eggers (owner of Eggers Spinners) with a nice

LG Mouth Bass taken on his new spinner prototype.

Rose with her personal best Bluegill Sunfish.

Leon holds a nice Northern Pike... summer of 2014.

Hoggie on 2014 opener with a 20lb channel cat.

Keith Nelson "Crappie Keith" with a great sized Perch.

Randy with his personal best Walleye...

that came from one of the Best Point swim docks.

Leon gives Hoggie a nice Cat... for lunch!

Hard to beat bacon wrapped cat burgers.

Shirley with a nice Bass taken August 2013.

Hoggie with a nice Walleye taken in front of the river inlet

mid-day 8/10/13.

Gylton Da Matta from Brazil took this off our T-dock in June 2013.


Leon Hoppe of LeSueur caught this Northern Pike (RELEASTED) useing a jig

in 17 feet of water.

Leon Hoppe of LeSueur caught this walleye also from a small jig

in 17 feet of water.

Nice..... Bass!

Nice Pike... near 20lbs!

Big Catfish!

Shirley with a nice Cat.

Hoggie with a nice cat.

This happy camper caught two of these HUGE WALLEYE in the same morning!

Leon Hoppe of LeSueur caught this 27 inch walleye (RELEASTED) useing a crank bate SR5 flicker shad casting

in 5 feet of water.

Leon says he and his wife Roxanne stay at BEST POINT RESORT three times a year... and allways catch fish!

They also say that Jerry and Linda are wonderfull people & so are the kids Amy, Luke and Kriss, and Little Gavin will

be happy to show you around.

What more could you ask for? Great place to stay, lots of good friends there (including all the seasonal) and

all around a good time.

Wellllll doggies, what a nice catch. Mason (from Iowa City) got a bit of help in landing and holding this

dogfish. It was his personal biggest fish!

Hoggie with an "opener" eater Walleye.

This one came off the gas dock!

The story behind the fish is a great one! I set up one of my poles with a night bobber, orange jig, and big

fat head minnow.

Around 11 pm on 09-30-11 I casted it off the dock and started doing other things. After a quick 10 minutes I checked

to see my bobber was down. As I ran out to the dock I could see my rod was gone. At first I thought it was

one of my family members and friends playing a trick on me. After 15 minutes I sadly discovered it was not a cruel trick

but something took my $250 pole in to the lake. I spent the next hour and half walking back and forth between and on

all the docks with a giant mag light. I went to bed disgusted and angry at myself that I didn't leave the bail open on my reel.

The next morning I rushed out and started looking off of each dock. A friend of mine Matty Thorpe was out shortly

after me casting a muskie lure off of the same dock my pole disappeared off of. After a few minutes he started yelling for me.

I looked over to see him reeling in a open face reel and not a giant bait caster. I quickly joined him on the dock and he said it

was a big fish and thought it was a cat fish because it stayed deep. As soon as he got it close to the dock we both yelled

out walleye. We landed the fish and took pictures. It turns out the pole was only a foot off the dock in 6 feet of water.

Matty was looking down and caught a glimps of what he thought was a cork handle. He quickly reeled in his muskie

lure and let his lure sink down to that area and hooked my pole. As soon as he got my pole up the fight was on.

I got my pole back and Matty got the biggest walleye of his life. We both got a story we will never forget!

Loren Jannett

Here is a happy camper!

Two VERY happy campers, Duke and Tony.

Saturday May 28/2011... they were for these three Best Point'ers.

Best Point Resort on Lake Tetonka

Waterville, MN is known for BIG fish!

Yep... thar is Muskie in our lake too.