Hello, Oi, Hallo, Swagotom, Hei, Ayubowan, Salut, Hola, G'day!

We are a group of behavioural ecologists. We are interested in all sorts of behaviour including foraging, mating, and predator avoidance in various ecological and evolutionary contexts such as mimicry, sexual selection, and aposematism. Our approaches include field and lab observations and experiments, molecular and phylogenetic approaches, modeling and fancy schmancy statistics. Collectively, our lab has worked on: many spiders, praying mantids, damselflies, butterflies & moths, orchids, bugs, birds, and even fish.

We are social - we work collaboratively, look out for each other and play pool. - one could say we are aggressively supportive.

In our lab, we believe 'data' is plural and invertebrate legs are articulated and not segmented.

If you are interested in studying or volunteering with us in the lab or the field, please contact Mariella or any other lab member!

We have lots of fun travelling to conferences together both in Australia and overseas and eat tons of cake.

Marie E Herberstein


School of Natural Sciences

Macquarie University

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2109

Phone: +61 (0)2 9850 6272

Fax: +61 (0)2 9850 8245

Email: marie.herberstein@mq.edu.au