Morning & Afternoon Teas

"...for what is science without scones?
 - A/Prof M. E. Herberstein

Some of our favourite places for 
morning & afternoon tea:

Baharat Tea Shop, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Kate's Berry Farm, Tasmania, Australia

We also strongly endorse the work of the
Good Food Society, an institution that migrates and replicates following the movements of certain scientists.Contact Hanna Kokko for more details

Our favourite patisseries & cafes 
from around the world:

Sydney, Australia:

Vienna, Austria:

Far North Queensland, Australia:

Auckland, New Zealand:

Brisbane, Australia:

Hamburg, Germany:

Mt Eden, New Zealand:

Hobart, Australia:

Singapore, Singapore:

Ambleside, UK

near Walpole, Australia

Eltham Valley, Australia

Westerway, Australia:

Sao Miguel, Azores Islands