Friday Schedule

May 13, 2016

  8:30 - 9:00 

  9:00 - 9:15

 Opening remarks, Jonathan Woon
  9:15 - 10:15  Elizabeth Maggie Penn (University of Chicago)
“An Experiment on Inequality, Social Comparisons, and Values” (with Rebecca Morton and Kai Ou)

 Cecilia Hyunjung Mo (Vanderbilt University and Hoover Institution)
Economic Development, Mobility and Political Discontent: An Experimental Test of Tocqueville's Thesis in Rural Pakistan” (with Andrew Healy and Katrina Kosec)
 Discussant: Rick K. Wilson (Rice University)

  10:15 - 10:45

  10:45 - 11:45  Gabor Simonovits (NYU) 
Centrist by Comparison: Extremism and the Expansion of the Political Spectrum

 Daniel F. Stone (Bowdoin College) 
Just a Big Misunderstanding? Evidence on Bias and Partyism

 Discussant: John Ryan (Stony Brook University)

  11:45 - 1:15

  1:15 - 2:15  Toby Handfield (Monash University)
The Evolution of Reputation Signals for Coordinating Conflict” (with Julián García)

 Brad LeVeck (University of California, Merced)
Partisan Preference Formation in Coordination Games"

 Discussant: David Siegel (Duke University)

  2:15 - 2:45

  2:45 - 3:45  Collin Raymond (Amherst College)
One in a Million: Field Experiments on Perceived Closeness of the Election and Voter Turnout" (with Alan Gerber, Mitchell Hoffman, and John Morgan)

 Valeria Maggian (GATE-LSE)
Electoral Fraud and Voter Turnout” (with Vardan Baghdasaryan and Giovanna Iannantuoni)

 Discussant: Elizabeth Carlson (Penn State University)

  3:45 - 4:15  Break

  4:15 - 5:45  César Martinelli (George Mason University)
Ignorance and Bias in Collective Decisions” (with Alexander Elbittar, Andrei Gomberg, and Thomas Palfrey)

 Isabel Marcin (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Communication and Voting in Heterogeneous Committees: An Experimental Study” (with Mark T. Le Quement)

 David Dillenberger (University of Pennsylvania)
 “Group-Shift and the Consensus Effect” (with Collin Raymond)

 Discussants: David Huffman (University of Pittsburgh), Chloe Tergiman (Penn State  University)

 6:30 - 8:30   

 Reception and Poster Session (O’Hara Student Center Dining Room)


 Vivekinan L. Ashok (Yale University) “Manipulation of Self-Interest Perception Can Increase Support for Redistribution: Experimental Evidence Testing the Meltzer and Richard Model” 

 Andrew W. Bausch (Carnegie Mellon University) “Outcomes and Audience Costs in an Incentivized Laboratory Experiment” 

 Scott Bokemper (Stony Brook University)  “Experiments on Social Safety Nets” 

 Alessandro Del Ponte (Stony Brook University)  “The Orange Game: An Online Platform to Study Economic Decisions”

 Valery Dzutsati (Arizona State University)
 "A Theory of Identity Choice: Religion, Ethnicity, and the State"

 Sönke Ehret (NYU)  “Of Winners and Whiners: Reference Dependence in Distributive Choices”

 Verena Fetscher (University of Mannheim)  “Who Cares About the Others? Income Uncertainty and Social Welfare Concerns” 

 Magda Giurcanu (Charles University)  “Assessing Uncertainty in Cross-National Electoral Research: An Entropy Measure” 

 Xiaoli Guo (Florida State University)

 “Strategy or Bias: Endowment Effect in Crisis Bargaining”

 Marlene Guraieb (NYU)   
 "Explaining Yourself: Reason Giving and Considered Choices"

 Carlo M. Horz (NYU) 
 “Identity Propaganda” 

 Amanda Kennard (Princeton University)  “The Effects of Social Preferences on Climate Change Salience” 

 Chris Li (Northwestern University)  “Endogenous Party Identities” 

 Henry Pascoe (University of Texas at Austin)  “One Thing at a Time: Bounded Rationality and the Persistence of Disagreement” 

 Wenwen Shi (Wayne State University)  “How Does Exposure to the Internet Affect Political Knowledge and Attitudes Among Rural Chinese? A Field Experiment” 

 Christopher Skovron (University of Michigan)  “How Politicians Perceive Their Constituents: Evidence from the National Candidate Study”

 Yunkyu Sohn (University of California, San Diego)  “Core-Periphery Segregation in Evolving Prisoner's Dilemma Networks” 

 Lukas F. Stoetzer (MIT)        “A Matter of Representation: Spatial Voting Decisions with Inconsistent Policy Preferences”    

 Seth Werfel (Stanford University)    
 "Self-Licensing and Policy Preferences"

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