2018-10-07 BeePi 1.0

Date de publication : 7 oct. 2018 19:05:58

Finally BeePi has reached its final development stage with a new host system and complete GEM configuration for a smooth experience.

What's new ?

    • RaspBian Stretch light host system.
    • Hardware accelerated video driver 30% faster.
    • Wifi setup tool and more practical network setup.
    • Standard Raspi-config for 3rd party hat compatibility..
    • Compatible with Pi-top and Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
    • New splash screen.
    • Optimized host boot in 7 sec.
    • New app to quit to the host system : Right click on the desktop, Tools, Quit to host.
    • GEM Video mode selector, Printer, Samba share and hardware setup.
    • Updated Emutos 9.9.1, FVDI driver and Shutdown for EasyAraMint.
    • Updated standard apps.
    • ssh root@beepi use the good terminal emulation.
    • Print to pdf file both from Aranym and Hatari.
    • Updated Hatari 2.0 with scaling (SDL2).
    • Tos 1.62 US is the default TOS for Hatari instead of Emutos.
    • Unified shortcuts for Aranym and Hatari : altgr + F12 for setup menu, altgr+Q to quit, altgr+R to reboot. F11 for Help and F12 for Undo (Aranym only)

Please read carrefuly wahtsnew.txt instruction for installation and watch the video tutorial.

As always your comments and feedback are welcome.

BeePi 1.0 download

BeePi setup tutorial

Enjoy !