2020-10-08 BeePi 1.1

BeePi 1.1 is finally out and brings compatibility with the RPi4 while maintaining compatibility with the Rpi3.

BeePi 1.1b

Setup Video

What's new :

- Raspbian Buster light with Rpi4 compatibility.

- Updated Hatari 2.2.1

- Updated Emutos 1.0. Emutos is the default Tos for Hatari.

- Updated Mint 1.19-76b

- Updated softwares : Troll 1.8F, Litchi 1.3I, Vision 4.7b2, Kronos 2.03, shutdown ...

- Root account disabled.

- New ssh login : ssh pi@beepi

- No more random freeze but boot time is unfortunately much longer.