Welcome to beebox68k, a site dedicated to Atari ST / STE / TT / Falcon Emulation, home of  BeeKey, BeePi and EasyAraMint OS.

EasyAraMint is the most complete Atari OS distribution for Aranym emulator. It is based on EasyMint from Marc Anton Kehr, with all the Unix packages from Vincent Riviere. Many original boot scripts have been modified in order to automatize the setup. It includes NVDI pre-installed to work with FVDI, Internet apps, development tools, and many other softs / tools to start using it out of the box. The desktop is Teradesk, with icons from Lodovico, XaAES Askin blue theme, Taskbar integration, as a modern re-interpretation of the Little Green Desktop.
EasyAraMint will run modern GEM applications in 24bits color mode, HiRes, with 16bits sound, network, printing to pdf and network printer, at the speed of a 68040@350 MHz on a RPi3/4 and a whooping 2 to 7 GHz on a x86 depending on the processor. It is the base OS for BeePi and BeeKey.

BeeKey and BeePi goal is to offer an almost universal emulation platform for Atari ST line of computers. Its main objective is to be as close as possible to a real Atari hardware experience, with the highest performance and comptability. They are self-contained distro of Aranym + EasyAraMint and Hatari + Emutos, installed on top of a light Debian Linux. It boots straight into EasyAraMint from an USB Key or a SD card. 

They have many extra features vs EasyAraMint and a greater integration with the host system : native smb mount, native USB mount, native network printing, ssh server for remote maintenance, integration with Hatari. Hatari provides a STE hardware compatible emulation to run classical games, demos and applications (included Midi).

BeeKey and BeePi can boot respectively on most PC, Mac and Raspberry Pi. Video, sound and network are setup automatically and should work out of the box with almost every hardware, except Bluetooth, touchpads and 4K or retina screens . BeePi is setup to use Raspberry Pi WIFI chipset. Together with a RPi 400, you will have a fast Atari clone in a nice and practicle form factor, at a reasonable price.

The power without the price is back !

If you have any suggestions or remarks, you can contact me on Atari Forum , or by email. If you find these distros useful, I would really appreciate to receive an email.


( philippe dot noble at gmail dot com )

DISCLAIMER Former Atari compatible commercial softwares are part these distributions. All these softwares have not been developed for the last 20 years and are no longer sold by their respective copyright owners. They can therefore be considered as abandonware. All these softwares are present for educational and history conservation purpose only, without any commercial purpose. Nevertheless, should the copyright owner want his software to be removed, please email me, and it will be removed it immediately from the archives.