Night riding on MM Bikeway

Post date: Dec 2, 2009 3:52:39 PM


    • W/o enforcement, making laws is not productive
    • Laws must be consistent for all towns, and perhaps stricter but not conflict w/ state laws
    • Probably different rules for different users. E.g.,:
      • cyclists: lights front/rear, reflective gear side/front/rear
      • walkers/joggers: reflective vest front/rear
      • dogs: reflective or lighted collar
      • rollerbladers: same as cyclists because they can overtake other users
    • Reflective center lines, fence markers, etc. would help
    • Not clear what current Town laws are with respect to night use of bikeway or whether they are consistent. A google turns up
    • ( Bicycle headlight is required when riding at night.
      • ( Massachusetts law requires bicyclists to use a white front light from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Visibility is a critical matter for bicyclists. Nearly half of all cycling deaths nationally involve cyclists riding at night without lights, although only 3% of biking occurs after dark. It is important for cyclists to understand that front lights are important primarily so that other travelers can see them. Reflectors alone do not make a bicycle visible at night. Light from a reflector bounces directly back to where it came from, so reflectors are of no use when car headlights are not pointed directly at the bike. Only a front light makes the bicycle visible to pedestrians, to drivers about to open a car door into the street, and to drivers who are backing up.
        • The law also requires a red rear light or reflector and reflectors on the pedals or reflective material on the rider’s ankles. .Lights are strongly encouraged on the back of the bicycle, as these provide stronger visibility.
      • ( 'dawn to dusk' hours