Oct. 21, 2007

On a very pleasant Sunday morning over 100 people of all ages biked, walked, or car-pooled as part of Bedford's first annual Bike to Service Day. More than 15 major national religious denominations and organizations are calling for a reduction in global warming emissions.

The 25 participants from the Thai Buddhist Community which draws its members from the entire New England area, met at the Bedford Shopping Center and then biked or walked to their Temple on North Rd. Other congregations in Bedford encouraged their members to walk, bike, or car-pool from their homes to service to raise awareness about climate change and help reduce carbon emissions.

For First Parish members, it was also a special day to celebrate Charlie Shwerin's many contributions to safe biking in Bedford. The event was co-sponsored by local religious communities, the Bedford Bike Committee, and Bedford's Global Warming Action Coalition, Photos were taken at First Parish, St. Paul's Episcopal, and the Thai Temple.