Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Welcome to the Bedford Friends (new) website. Our mission is to promote safe biking for all groups of all ages: recreational, on-road, off-road, commuters, families, seniors, children, fast and slow riders alike.

The Minuteman Bikeway, now 25 years old, is only 1 part of our vision to make safe biking in Bedford viable for all who wish for a healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly mode of recreation and transportation. Many of our staff are also members of the Bicycle Advisory, Transportation, and Trails Committees. Our goal for Bedford is to knit together our paths, trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes so that all neighborhoods have viable access to schools, library, shopping, sports and recreation areas, and Town Center.

As a co-sponsor we are especially excited about the "Safe Routes To School" program  initiated at Job Lane, Spring, 2009. The State has twice cited Bedford for its bicycle and walking programs at Job Lane Elementary. Principal Ackerman has been a big part of the success at Job Lane. In 2015 the State funded a 'safe route' from Great Rd thru the school campus to Railroad Ave. The project will include bike lanes and a signalized crossing at Great Rd, and an off-street path connection to the schools.

Here you will find our newsletters with important event announcements, and local and regional bike news.

Bedford Day, (Sept every year) the Friends host a 'bike corral' for easy parking and an information booth. Come visit us. Ride your bike and enjoy free valet parking!

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Winter 2017-18
Davis Rd Boardwalk proposal - bait and switch? Why doesn't it provide bicycle access?
The presentation given to Town officers promises ped AND bike access:

"6-foot wide, multi-use for cyclists and pedestrians"

but in reality bicyclists will be required to walk their bike on the narrow boardwalk. Although they rejected a shared-use boardwalk that would serve many residents, the Conservation Commission are asking the Town to fund an 18 ft wide viewing deck that would look out over the swamp.

Fall 2016 Update
  • 25% Design of Minuteman Extension expected end of year
  • Bike lanes added to Loomis as part of repaving project
  • Sharrows added to South Rd and Railroad as part of repaving project
Fall 2015 Update
  • Bicycle Master Plan signed off by Selectmen, DPW, and Bicycle Committee
  • State awards a 'safe route' grant for our successful Safe Routes To School program

2014 Summer Newsletter

Fall 2013 Update

Summer 2013 News Update
  • League of American Bicyclists grade Bedford a "D" as a 'bike friendly" community. The lack of on-road facilities for bicyclists was major reason for low mark.
  • Bike Committee submitting proposal to Community Preservation Comm. to fund a Bicycle Master Plan which will provide direction to help make us a bike friendly town.
  • New Minuteman Bikeway maps (check library or Depot Park for copies)
  • Minuteman Bikeway "Navigational Aids" report and recommendations are due from consultant (Toole) after 9 month study of existing conditions. Watch for public hearing notice.
  • State asks Town to include a 'safe corridor' design on Railroad Ave. as part of Minuteman Extension (Reformatory Trail) project before progressing to construction stage.
  • Bike and Trails Committees prepare list of 45 'easement' candidates that would better link neighborhoods to schools, town center, shopping centers, and the bike paths.