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The internet is chock full of cool tools, great information and excellent resources.  Below you will find the ones I think are the best.  If you have one that you think is better, let me know about it and it may be added.

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Tool BigHugeLabs Great place to make posters, puzzles, cards, etc.  
Tool Your name is カタカナ Learn how to write your name in カタカナ(Katakana). Not all names are there, but most if not all the "common" names are. 
Culture Anpanman Official Site Home of Anpanman, what of Japan's greatest super heroes! 
Culture Doraemon's Official Webpage Doraemon is a robotic cat from the future, sent back by Nobita to make sure that the younger Nobita becomes as great as he's supposed to be. Confused? Don't be... just enjoy! 
Culture Japanese Emoticons This is a very old page I made and it may even be a bit out dated. Enjoy it! 
Culture Japanese Folk Tales These are fun to read. Check them out when you have time. 
Culture Kids Web Japan Lots of really cool cultural stuff, as well as some language activities, etc.  
Culture Sushi Tarou This is a sushi shop with a live, streaming video camera. Keep in mind there is a 14 hour time difference from Central Standard Time. I was also fortunate enough to visit the shop years ago.  
Tool Hiragana Megane This site allows you to put in a URL of a Japanese language site and then it puts furigana (little hiragana) above all of the kanji. Pretty cool, eh? 
Culture Origami For those who love origami, this site is for you! 
Culture Origami Club For those who are origami challenged, like myself, this site is for you. It has little animations showing you how to fold your origami. 
Resource The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs You never know what nifty facts you'll find here.  
Other Beatty-sensei's Facebook Page I'm hip like that. 
Language Online Activities for Japanese Learners has tons of teacher created Japanese activities (and a lot of others, too) 
Language Nihonmura Online Japanese practice activities. Enjoy! 
Language Online Educational Sites for Japanese Children This site is may by someone who is Japanese for Japanese children. See what they study in the different years and play some of the games. 
Resource Question Words You may not know them all yet... but you may need one you've forgotten. Look no further. 
Language い&な Adjective Review Crossword If you're having problems conjugating your adjectives, this crossword will help. 
Language Long Form to Short Form Verb Practice Crossword Switching back and forth between the forms can be tricky. This should help! 
Other U.S.A. Summer Camp Pecha-Kucha This is a link to a Pecha-Kucha (which is a Japanese presentation format that is 20 slides for 20 seconds each). U.S.A. Summer camp is a volunteer program where American youth to Japan to be camp counselors for the summer. If you're looking for a way to go to Japan...this may be a possibility. (I was a camp director for 3 summers and know a lot about it.) 
Other Almost Famous Beatty-sensei getting his sumo on. 
Culture Nipponia Web Magazine NIPPONIA is a quarterly Web magazine that introduces modern Japan to people all over the world. 
Culture Web Japan A site conaining all sorts of cool links and information.Including pop culture, street fashion and more! 
Language Anime & Manga Japanese This site uses manga style characters to teach mini lessons. 
Language Ten Differences Between Japanese and English That Make Japanese an Easy Language To Learn I found this on the internet and it is helpful in de-mystifying Japanese. The person who created this did a really good job of putting into words what I knew but couldn't put my finger one. 
Other Guy Healy Japan Learn more about USA Summer Camp and other programs in Japan. 
Language All About Conjugating Adjectives  
Resource Particles They're tricky and they're not really like what we have in English. So I made a handy dandy reference sheet. There are entire books on particles, so this is not a definitive guide. 
Other The Garlic Story Curious title, don't you think? Click the link to find out more. 
Language Japanese Writing Tips This is still in the process of being organized and separated out into sections BUT it does contain several really good tips for studying the characters and writing.  
Language Katakana Pronunciation Practice Here's the counterpart to the ひらがな page. Review your カタカナ here. 
Language Hiragana Pronunciation Practice Here is a very old web page I made to help with pronouncing ひらがな. 
Language Writing in Japanese Japanese has 3 scripts than can be confusing. Here are a few tips and resources that may help you.  
Language DTTS - Grammar Secret This is probably the most important "secret" in the Japanese. If you understand this, you will have correct grammar 99% of the time when answering ANY question. 
Other 10 Reasons Why to Learn Japanese So...thinking about taking Japanese and need to convince your parents to let you? Or maybe you're in Japanese and want a more "solid" reason than "I think ninjas and samurai are cool" , which by the way is kinda how I got started. Then this is the resource for you. Print it off and put it in your locker ir take it home and show your parents. Even better, show your friends what they're missing if they aren't already taking Japanese! 
Language Erin's Challenge A great series we'll use in class from time to time, but you're welcome to look on your own, too. There are videos, worksheets, etc. 
Tool Google Transliterate Need to type in Japanese BUT don't have it installed on your computer? No problem. This site lets you! 
Resource How to type in Japanese This website shows you how to type in Japanese & install the MS Japanese IME if you don't have it for your PC. 
Language This is the weather report we will start doing each class. You will all get a start practicing! 
Language The Daily Weather and Activity Announcer This is where you will find your very own multimedia cheat sheet for when you turn rolls around. 
Language Make Cool Flowcharts online Need to make a flow chart for a project? Need to make a project for Japanese class? Check this out! It even integrates into Google Docs. 
Language Quizlet RBHS Japanese 3/4 Here are some flashcards for review and study. 
Language Quizlet HHS Japanese 2/3/4 Useful Flashcards for review and study. 
Language Quizlet RBHS Japanese 2 Here are the flashcards for your class if you're in Japanese 2 at RBHS 
Language Quizlet RBHS Beginning Japanese If you haven't joined the class, please do. But this link *should* take you to the flashcards for your class.  
Language Quizlet HHS Beginning Japanese If you haven't joined the class, please do. But this link *should* take you to the flashcards for your class.  
Tool Mika-Chan Font Here is one of the really cool hand writing fonts I use in class. Follow the link and download the one you like to your computer and use it. 
Tool Stoke Order Font Here is a font that teachers you the stroke order of hiragaana, katakana and kanji! You can use this to make your own practice sheets. This link starts the download of the font to your computer. 
Tool DIY Kanji Sheet Blank  Here is the blank template so you can make your own KANJI/Kana practice Sheets 
Tool Lexilogos Online Hiragana Keyboard  This might be another tool to help you with typing in Japanese. It has the romaji which I detest...BUT...that is what you would need to know to type it in the traditional I'll have to live with it. The katakana and kanji keyboards are in the upper-right hand corner of that site. 
Resource Tae Kim's Learn Japanese Page This is a really...really good resource for all things Japanese. Definitely worth checking out if you're motivated to learn more.  
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