For 15 years I've suffered with severe back and shoulder pain. I also have Fibromyalgia and since I've been having regular massages from Becky, my pain level has dropped incredibly. Becky is a lovely bubbly reliable lady who I swear has "magic hands". We always have our weekly catch ups too, Becky I don't know what i'd do without you
   ~Vicky from Stannington

I have had the pleasure of using BD Therapies for 2 years in the manor top area of Sheffield. I can honestly say, Becky is fabulous at her job and knowledge of her job, she never left your house without total satisfaction form the client and she on numerous occasions have saved me so much with severe pain with strains and pulled muscles and her head massage is out of this world. the stress just melts away. We also established a great friendship too. Thank you Becky for your fab treatments
  ~ Caroline from (just off prince of wales road, s2)

I found the experience at BD Therapies to be a friendly and professional service. highly recommended
  ~ Johnathan from Aston

I've had a couple of a stress free massages with BD therapies . This lady is brilliant and does a fab job. Would defo reccemend. She really does have "magic" hands. Thank you Becky
  ~ Debbie from Swallownest

Becky is amazing, she's been coming to me for about 4 years now, when ever I need her and I would totally recommend her. she is very friendly, professional and just brilliant with what she does.
  ~ Carol from Mosbourgh

I have regular fortnightly massages from Becky and she put me at ease right from the start, she always uses the right pressure and i would totally recommend. very professional and just a lovely friendly person with magic hands.
  ~ Laura from Beighton.

 To anyone who hasn't had a massage from Becky, I would seriously recommend her. you should all consider booking in, as her rates are ...really good, she runs regular offers and she is absolutely fabulous at her job.
I joke that she has 'magic hands' because she manages to help ease my aches and pains despite all my complex health problem which include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has even done research into the best ways to use massage to help people with fibromyalgia, she is that dedicated to ensure she does the best possible for her clients. She's really understanding of the way my conditions fluctuate and I can't always predict if I'll be well enough for a massage. On the few occasions I've needed to cancel, Becky has been very understanding and allows me to rearrange when necessary. She's also a really lovely lady and incredibly professional.
If you want a traditional, quiet massage she can do that no problem, but she's equally happy to chat to you as she works. We natter away through my massages (well, it's mostly me rambling away and her listening... So I get two kinds of therapy at once) and have a good laugh!
I've been a client for four years now and would never even consider going to anyone else.
The great thing about her being a mobile therapist is that I don't even have to leave the house! I don't have to get properly dressed, stress about running late, traffic, driving or any of the other dramas of trying to get to appointments. I tend to stay in my pyjamas with my hair a state, until she arrives.
After the massage I don't have to get dressed back up again and drive home! I just pop my pyjamas back on and slump onto the sofa while she packs away. I tend to go back to bed straight afterwards because I suffer with sleep problems, but after a massage from Becky I'm relaxed enough and have my pain reduced enough, that I can easily fall asleep and sleep deeply for a change!
Seriously, if you're considering trying it out, just go for it. You won't regret it!
 ~ Amy from Sheffield S2

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