Once again, thank you to everyone that came out to the Cajun Spring Classic April 26-28, 2019. Without all of you we wouldn’t have such a wonderful event and not to mention we wouldn’t have been doing this for 30 years! This was the largest Cajun Spring Classic with a final count of 86 shooters.

We also could not have asked for better weather for the weekend with temperatures in the mid-70s. We did have quite a bit of rain in the area on Thursday but everything dried up nicely with the exception of a few lanes that Carey decided to get stuck in first thing Saturday morning.

Big thank you to everyone that supported the St James 4-H Shooting Sports Team that was out at the range this weekend selling drinks and snacks. The money they raised will help send their shooters who would not be able to go otherwise to Arkansas for the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match and Nebraska for the 4-H National Championships.

The winner of the raffle for the Sightron scope was Wayne Smith.

The photographer should be done with editing the pictures he took soon. Last week was finals week for him so I told him school was more important and to focus on that. I’ll be sending out the link of where you can get the photos as soon as he is finished. Here is a sneak peek of what he has sent me so far.

Thank you to Jeff Cloud for running the gunslinger event. A fun time was had by all that participated. Bayou Airgun Club will be mailing the winners their prizes so keep an eye out for that. The winners were:


1st - Bill Corder

2nd - Humberto Parodi

3rd - Ron Brown


1st - Eric Brewer

2nd - Jeff Cloud

3rd - Griff Crutti

Of course congratulations to everyone that placed. It was exciting with ties in nearly every class.

A 3 way tie for 1st - 3rd in WFTF PCP and another for 4th & 5th. A 2 way tie for both 2nd - 3rd and 4th - 5th in Hunter PCP. There was a tie for 5th in Open but Mr. Roz had already left which means Mr. Artie got 5th.

I am working on some analytics for the match based to target stats and all that fun stuff (this is what happens when you give a programmer and data analyst lots of data to work with). It is of course taking me a lot of time to get all the scorecards entered and I haven’t managed to get my 5 year old to do it for me yet. As soon as I’m done with it I’ll be sending out the link to that report for those that are interested.

Hunter PCP

  1. Miguel Sanchez
  2. Philip Hepler
  3. Jody Morrison
  4. William Day
  5. Paul Walker

Hunter Springer

  1. Kenny Altazin
  2. Griff Crutti
  3. Mike Kleinpeter


  1. Ray Barnett
  2. Mike Vredenburg
  3. Gary Palinkas
  4. Paul Porch
  5. Artie Claudino


  1. Ken Hughes
  2. Doug Vinson
  3. Bill Corder
  4. Will Piatt
  5. Mike Miksch

WFTF Springer

  1. Brad Troyer

Pistol - Hunter

  1. Ray Barnett
  2. David Abshire
  3. Mike Niksch
  4. Mike Vredenburg
  5. Paul Proch

Pistol - Open

  1. Bill Corder
  2. Pedro Mendez
  3. Nathan Thomas

High Senior - Will Piatt

High Lady - Lauren Parsons

High Junior - Alex Replogle

Thanks again and we hope to see you all in October for Nationals.

Jennifer Wylie

Bayou Airgun Club

Cajuns Final Scores.xlsx