Club Range Flooding Info

You can look at the level of Bayou Manchac at Alligator Bayou near Kleinpeter for an indication of the water at the range.

The level needs to get above 10 ft to cover the range. At 9' you will see the canal beside us close to the top and some of the lanes in the back flooded.

USGS Water Stages

During 2016 Cajun's, the range flooded. see the picture below to compare to the dates

3/11/2016 - The water completely covered the range. However, it started receding that afternoon.

3/12/2016 - The water receded enough to set most targets (level near 10'). By the evening we saw the water coming back up.

3/13/2016 - Most of the course was flooded and we had to setup 9 lanes on the range and a few on Belle Terre to make it happen.

3/20/2016 - The water receded enough to pick up targets

August 2016 - Rain in the Baton Rouge area caused major flooding in the area. Water levels were so high at one point, they reached the top of the door of our clubhouse and outhouse.

You can see the line on the buildings here were the water stopped in the August 2016 flood.