We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please reach out to us on the contact page:

What are the hours? When can I come to the club?

We steward the responsibility of shooting for BREC at the range. At this time, we currently do not have staffed times we are open or regular hours. However, you can visit our Calendar for the next event and any of the club members will be HAPPY to show you the ropes and help you out. Also, we have some members that shoot every Tuesday starting around 9:00 am.

Where can I shoot until the next event?

We currently refer people to the Waddill Wildlife Center which is staffed by the LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries. click here for more info

What can I shoot?

We generally only allow pellet guns for safety reasons. We allow BB guns at certain events where a rangemaster is present to reduce the probability of ricochet.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE FIREARMS ALLOWED. There is a subdivision behind the property that would be in an unsafe distance for any firearm.

What types of shooting can be done at the range?

We generally host Field Target and Air Rifle/Pistol Silhouette matches with occasional 10M shoots. The members and guests can also shoot a wide array of paper targets, metal spinners, as well as the field targets and silhouettes on the open range.

Can shooting an airgun be helpful for other shooting?

Absolutely! Many national champions of other shooting disciplines shoot airguns for practice due to the extremely low cost of ammunition and all the other principles are the same. You will still get to understand trajectories, wind doping, sight alignment, scope adjustment, trigger control, breath and heart control as it is still applicable. It's just done on a shorter range.

What types of air rifles do you recommend?

Wow! This is a tough question and depends on a lot of factors. We highly recommend you reach out to the club and one of the members will be happy to go over this with you and even let you shoot some of the higher end equipment so you can see what is available out there.

Technology and engineering have come a long way with many popular rifles shooting at olympic level accuracy.