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Group BFR offer

posted Feb 20, 2011, 8:29 PM by James Britton
There are several members that will need a new flight review sometime the coming weeks consisting of at least one hour of ground instruction, and 1 hour of flight instruction (or 3 flights).  So you know that you will need to fund 3 tows and at least 1.5 hours of instructor time. But we have a way of reducing that cost. If we can get a group of 4 pilots together then the cost comes down to a fixed 1 hour for instruction + the cost of tows.  The way we do this is to conduct a group session for the ground part: 4 students will get nearly 2 hours of shared ground instruction. Then we all help each other launch for the flying part.
2 sessions are planned:  Saturday March 5 and Saturday April 2.
On both days it will be group ground instruction from 9AM thru 11AM followed by flying. We should be all done by 1pm.  This is suitable for DG-qualified members that are not too far out of currency. Note that if more than 4 tows are needed then that will need to be individually scheduled for another day.
Contact Jim soon if you want to take advantage of this offer.