I am a die-hard score-keeper!  The game doesn't really exist if you don't keep score.
How else to know the wind was blowing straight out, or that Joe Blow made has MLB
debut on that day, or that the CUBS turned that always exciting 1-3-6-4-2 double play!
So click the links below to see some of the scorecards that tell our history of heavenly highs
(2016: Cubs win the World Series!!!!!!) and lousy lows from the past 50+ years.
The first link is for scorecards from Wrigley Field; the second is for those from the 30+ other
ballparks (including minor league and spring training) we have seen games at (some of which now exist only in our collective memories).
Each link also contains a spreadsheet showing the results (and commentary) from ALL of the games.
*** When you get to the page with the scorecard listing, find the one you want and click on "VIEW" 
to see the selected scorecard, full size.